Giro still boring, Cipo still pornstar – News

May 19 2005

Ah, the Giro. Another lazy morning at the office followed by an “oh sh!t, better pick it up or we’re gonna get fired” around 4. And no one loves that panic like Robbie McEwen. Petacchi looked pretty well set up for the stage win, but, damn, that wily Australian sure can finish. Cyclingnews suggests perhaps lead-out man Marco Velo didn’t crank it up high enough before peeling off; if true, this would be the latest in a long line of embarrassing flubs for the silver train, which is currently trying to sell itself as a 5 million Euro package deal. Fassa won’t have to worry about humping the bunk again tomorrow, though, as the Giro finally gets into the mountains. Keep an eye on baby-daddy to-be Damiano Cunego.

In perhaps the least surprising news in the history of cycling, Cipo has separated from his wife. Turns out that he wasn’t just referring to having sex with her when he claimed if he weren’t a cyclist, he’d be a porn star. Jan Ullrich has also separated from his long-time consort, though being northern Europeans, they never bothered to get married in the first place.

And one more for the “only in Italy” file: turns out using anything (drug or otherwise) to increase your blood levels for athletic competition is illegal over there. So guess what police seized in a afternoon raid on the Davitamon-Lotto team? An altitude tent! No word on what if any consequences will follow, or on if the carbonari will now be hunting down athletes who used training at actual altitude before this year’s Giro.

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