Ritchey WCS Crankset – Review

Jun 26 2005

The product reviews here at Cyclocosm aim to be a bit different than on other sites. We tell you as much as possible, as quickly as possible. The testers decide what traits of a product are important to that product’s not sucking, then rate those traits 1-5, with 3 being the industry standard. No overall score is given, as different people will want different things from each product.

Crankset, Aluminum, 53/39, 170mm, 592g, MSRP $199.99 (widely available for less).

Looks: 4. What component draws more attention than your crankset? Machined, black-anodized aluminum looks sweet and industrial in world dominated by shininess and rounded carbon weave.

Weight: 3. Company says it weighs 592g, my pasta scale (non-digital) puts it well above 600. Weight Weenies claims 654g. Still, lighter than Ultegra.

Stiffness: 1. I visibly bend the left crank simply by standing up (I weigh 170lbs). Occasionally, the chain will pop off under max power bursts, which I believe may also be a stiffness issue. Simply unacceptable.

Shifting: 3. Unremarkable. Works most of the time, no more hesitant to shift or prone to accidental derail than any other I’ve used.

Cost: 4. Overlook the stiffness thing, and its a good, low cost upgrade/replacement.

Final Thoughts: Lack of stiffness mars all other traits. Heavy/powerful riders and racers will find it infuriating. Perhaps suitable for the weight/style-conscious cyclotouriste or recreational rider.

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