Chicken flies the Coop – News

Jul 10 2005

It’s been a big tour for Rabobank. Back to back stage wins, a couple of guys in the Dots, and one who looks like he might stay there; not too shabby, considering the squad has had nothing to show for itself in the grand boucle since Michael Boogerd’s awe-inspiring victory at Les Deux Alps in 2002. Here’s to hoping Michael Rassmussen (formerly known by his nickname “Chicken”) keeps the race interesting through the hills.

Though then again, he may not have to. After what must have been the longest team dinner in Team Discovery Channel’s history, the pseudo-Posties eased off today, allowing several breakaway riders to play their chances. End result was the stage win for Rassmussen and the Yellow for Voigt; but of more consequence might be the high GC position of a certain Christophe Moreau. The scrawny Frenchman, several times the best-finishing rider from his home country in the TdF, has shown good climbing legs this tour and is now some 30 seconds up on Armstrong in the GC. Could this finally be the motivation the career underachiever needs?

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