Let the Transfers Begin – News

Jul 26 2005

Vino to Liberty Seguros! So my 2006 speculative Top 5 is wrong already (but not nearly as wrong as Knut thinks). Meanwhile, World TT champion Mick Rogers and 2004 Tour of Germany winner Patrik “Stinky” Sinkewitz have chosen to throw away the next two years of their careers in the T-Mobile vacuum. I have two words for you boys: Santiago Botero.

Though yesterday’s post gave the impression that everyone is taking their shots on Lance now that he’s retired, quite the opposite is true, Armstrong, apparently quite unable to comprehend why anyone would rather ride for themselves than tie his bootsraps, has had a rocky relationship with former teammates, Floyd Landis and Tom Boonen in particular. Armstrong and Landis had been trading beef in everything from Sports Illustrated to L’Equipe since Landis’ transfer last winter, and Boonen had exchanged some “heated emails” with Lance after his defection to Quickstep. (The image of Boonen, hunched over his PC, fretfully trying to explain to Lance in broken English that he’s leaving because he’s sick of helping American riders lose Belgian races that he could easily be winning is almost too funny for words). But each backtracked slightly this past Sunday; Boonen said Big Tex was a “complicated man,” but acknowledged that their bitterness was now in the past, and Landis thanked Lance and Johan for all their help. Aww, aren’t happy endings sweet?

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