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Jul 16 2005

Words fail me. Today’s stage was such an overwhelming display of novicetry that my lexicon is seriously at a loss to express it. Let’s run in chronological order.

1) Discovery getting dropped faster than sexual harassment charges on The O’Reilly Factor. I guess that’s not really novicetry, just futher evidence that Disco’s Tour squad just ain’t that good. There was a 15-man group at one point with 1 DC man in it. Lance should never have to go back to get his own bottles.

2) T-Mobile. Dudes, what is up with you guys? Chasing down Vino’? TWICE? Rule number one of bike racing – never chase a teammate. Simply pathetic. Walter Godefroot, hang your head in shame; I don’t care how much you guys dislike Vino, he brought in what, 13,000 Euros with his crazy break with Botero? Stop riding like children.

3) Georg Totchnig. The man is 34 years old and forgets to zip up his jersey for the win? Come ON, bro. Even freakin’ ECCC C-category riders remember to do that. 70 million people are going to open to the sports section tomorrow and see a glorious win by Team White Shirt. I bet Gerolsteiner’s gotta love that.

All in all, though, these mistakes evened each other out, and the same darn thing happened that always happens: Lance wins. Good efforts by the other Americans to keep on; I think they only lost 30 or so seconds today. Also, props to Johan Bruyneel for a) Not pulling his car out of the way when ordered to and b) using the DC car to cut off Vino’ on every freaking corner on the last descent. Man is darned good at his job. Tomorrows stage will be awesome. I’m hoping that Chicken (aka “Moose” aka M. Rassmussen) can snare the Yellow J. He looked off this afternoon; I expect fireowrks tomorrow.

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