Rest-Day Wrap-Up – News

Jul 11 2005

The final list of everyone’s tour game picks is listed here. Many riders some of you were counting on have already quit the race. I should also mention that a certain Jens Voigt wore the maillot jaune in 2001, so everyone who said that no one other than Armstrong and Ullirch could possibly score in that category can go pound sand.

Tomorrow should be a big day. Discovery looked better yesterday, but still not overpoweringly good. The projected GC contenders are all also reasonably close together, with Lance (the best-placed GC contender at +2:18) no more than three minutes ahead of even his most unlikely rivals. Competition for Green is also pleasantly close, though only handfuls of points will be traded over the next few stages. And in the race for dots, as usual, one rider has a huge-ass lead.

Still, it should be interesting. Well worth the early wake-up time.

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