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Jul 2 2005

I have recieved many of your Tour picks. I’m at Fitchburg, doing the 2005 Longsjo Classic now, however, so I’ll be delayed in setting everything up until the 4th. Fear not. You had also better believe there are some race reports forthcoming from this exciting American stage race as well.

Only one bit of news to report: Jan Ullrich, in his continuing quest to make 2005 “the year I did everything exactly the same as Lance, including hopefully winning the Tour” has crashed, just days before the TdF. Ullrich chose a riskier crash than Armstrong’s low speed endo, electing instead to smash his face through the rear window of his team car (each rider suffered only minor injuries). This may have been to compensate for only breaking up with a girlfriend (rather than wife), and then dating a teammate’s sister (instead of a high-profile adult-contemporary singer).

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