Faux Pas of the Week – Rant

Aug 17 2005

Ok, so no one who’s seen a pro race from Hinault’s fall to Armstrong’s ascendency would accuse cycling of being a particularly fashion-conscious sport. True, there have been some notable fashion scores, like La Vie Claire’s snazzy art-modern kit, or the classic understated lines of Team Bianchi, or the so-uncool-its-hip outfit of Skil-Moser. But taken as a whole, the history of cycling attire has been one, long, unmittigated fashion disaster.

So, Jonathan Vaughters, you should most definately know better. Wearing that Credit Agricole green vest over that light-blue TIAA-Cref Jersey, and then letting a photographer take a picture? You’ve been entrusted with molding the next generation of American Cycling Superstars and this, this sartorial abomination, is how you repay that trust? God, what’s next? Equipping Team 5280 with those god-awful faux-denim shorts (complete with fake pockets and rivets) that Carerra used to wear? I shudder to even consider it.

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