Pro Cycling News – Armstrongate Continues

Aug 24 2005

*sigh* Why do I have to cover this tripe? Why must I reiterate this war of press releases between haughty Euros and stubborn Texans? Anyway, reaction to the Armstrong Affair falls into three distinct molds: the Boardman, who condemns Lance as clearly guilty while questioning the motivation behind the tests, the Verbruggen, who adopts a wait and see attitude, and the Lewis, who is convinced this is all garbage. I suppose you could toss in the Fignon, who simply doesn’t care. Already, internationally recognized labs (not in France) are questioning the science of L’Equipe’s investigation, while in Germany, a question of legality has arisen. My take: once again, this will come to nothing. Unlike the Mueseew post-mortem of last year, not enough solid evidence exists (unless some “C” samples turn up), and even with Dick Pound running WADA, the Texan will not be sanctioned.

In news with real impact on the cycling world, Kim Kirchen looks to be the latest rider circling the T-Mobile drain, while Erik Zabel and Gilberto Simoni are 99%, almost but not quite definately joining Domina Vacanze and Quick-Step, respectively, for next season. In the realm of 100% certainty is Stuart O’Grady’s absence from this year’s Vuelta a España, which begins in three day’s time. Oh, and Mario Cipollini got his license revoked for going 115kph in a 50kph zone just outside the Italian City of Lucca. I’m betting he’ll show that sanction as much as he used to show UCI regulations. Andiamo, Cipo!

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