Pro Cycling News – Who from Where did What?

Aug 20 2005

Iglinski, Maxim. Never heard of him? That’s probably because he’s been riding for Domina Vacanze, which hasn’t had the greatest season so far. But today, the 24-Kazakh (they’re everwhere, these days) hung tough with a nasty breakaway group containing Julich, Horner and Ballan (each ProTour winners at least once this season) among other notables, and rode a brilliant sprint, catching the perfect wheel (Disco’s Jurgen van der Broeck) and blasting past it to win Stage 6 of the Tour of Germany right on the line. In the process, Iglinski became the most-Asian looking dude I’ve ever seen win a ProTour race. And in a sport run by the whitest of the white guys, a little diversity on the poduim is a sight for very sore eyes. In the GC, Levi Leipheimer retained his nearly-a-minute lead over other white guy Jan Ullrich, with Levi’s Gerlosteiner teammate Georg Totchnig sandwhich nicely in between. Tomorrow’s climbing and Monday’s TT should sort the GC out nicely before Tuesday’s finale.

Gosh, I wish there were more news out there. But Tour of Tasmania? Tour of Limousine?. I’ve barely even heard of these things, and I’m obsessed. I mean, I could talk about Jens Voigt being angry about a breakaway companion (again), before regaining his composure, or about how Lance now owns 7,000 shares of Trek Bikes (as if you needed any less reason to trust his endorsement), but eh, that stuff hardly seems newsworthy.

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