Pro Cycling News – Gossip on the Vuelta Rest Day

Sep 7 2005

Top Story: Lance engaged to Sheryl Crow, making her perhaps the first trophy wife ever to be a decade older than her husband (unless, of course, Big Tex is the one being stuffed and mounted, here…) The seven-time Tour winner made sure to clear the decision with his three kids before popping the question; no word on whether he consulted to his ex-wfie on the matter, but I’m inclined to say no. Also making waves at the moment are Armstrong’s threats to comeback for the 2006 Tour, as retaliation for a series of articles in l’Equipe accusing him of doping. Yeah, if I were looking to prove to the world that I weren’t juiced, that’s how I’d do it: kicking the sh!t out of the hardest race in the world for the 8th consecutive time…

No new racing news for you, other than that the TIAA-Cref guys have pounded more than their share of asphault at Tour l’Avenir. Stuart Gillespie, formerly of HUCA and known to throw down at ECCC races on occasion, got caught up in a crash. Timmy Duggan, formerly a passenger in my 1999 Subaru Forester, went down and lost consciousness. Craig Lewis, one of the youngest dudes in the race, broke his scapula. Cref DS Jon Vaughters claims each of the riders is a competent bike handler and was near the front at the time of the mishap. So how to avoid this problem in the future? How about slipping some milk into those musette bags?

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