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Sep 3 2005

Ok, I was wrong all the way around the other day. The Vuelta was a group sprint, but with a reduced group, won by Max van Heeswijk, who charged back to the front after flatting with 15k to go (man, what I wouldn’t do for a 20-car caravan to chase back through in Cat 4 fields…). In England, Ruskie Sergey Ivanov make those Capitalist pigs pay for their crimes, eh commrades? (“Austin, we won” “Oh, Groovy…yea Capitalism.”) Most importatly, Tyler Farrar won a stage at the Tour l’Avenir, or “Baby Tour de France,” got to wear this lovely garment (looks good in green, don’t he?) and even more importantly, threw up the horns as he crossed the line.

Then today, Petacchi won in Spain (duh), Nuyens consolidated his lead in Britan by winning a 4k (wuss) TT. And no one really cares what happened in Avenir, because some French dude won.

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