Pro Cycling News – Worlds '05: First Day

Sep 21 2005

First day of Worlds. Men’s U23 TT, Women’s Elite TT. Winner on the Men’s side was Mikhail Ignatiev, only the cutest thing ever (I’m told…) to come out of Eastern Europe since Misha (or maybe t.A.T.u., tho neither Misha nor Ignatiev needed to pretend to be gay to be cute.) Second and third are unimportant because, like all riders both younger and better than me, they’ll be burned out and hocking beer to tourists on la Rambla by age 30. Oh, yeah, American Tyler Ferrar was 10th. Go USA. On the womens’ side, lanky Swiss Miss’ (or Mrs., or Mz.; really, I have no idea) defended her title with panache, putting 30s+ over 21k on the entire field, save second-place finisher Joane Somarriba Arrola. American Kristin Armstrong took 3rd, ahead of bird-flipping Judith Arndt.

I really wish I had more to tell you, but, que mala fortuna, I am stuck in Barf-elona (thus the Rambla reference) ’til the 24th, and can’t really report on the races as well as I could simply because I am not there (bogus). However, I assure you that I will be present for all racing come the 25th. And my reports will be sweet. Just wait for my upcoming report on the final stage of la Vuelta. It’ll get your @$$es on for a trip to The Continent so fast it’ll make your heads spin.

Oh yeah, and one of you cabrones out there thinks that Lance’s dog having surgery is news. It’s not. Get a life; it’s not. Revel instead in the insights of young Tom Boonen, or salivate wildly over Grand Tour speed record holder Ruben Plaza’s wild plans to break Aussie Mick Rogers stranglehold on the World TT crown, before watching the event go down on Cycling.TV. Just don’t bug me about peoples’ freakin’ dogs

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