*NEWS FLASH* – A New ProTour Squad? Unibet-yer-@$$!

Oct 18 2005

This isn’t really a news flash, per se, as there’s nothing definite to it, but Eurosport is now reporting that Unibet, if it can successfully lure Gibo Simoni, currently in post-Sony-Ericsson limbo, and CV’s Carlos Garcia Quesada to their squad next season, that they will immediatly apply for a ProTour License. The squad has until Thursday to get the paperwork in, but manager Koen Terryn seems confident: “I can’t believe that [the UCI license commission] would offer five licenses to France and only two to Belgium.” Some sources report that Terryn then muttered “when the four existing French teams suck so bad,” under his breath, though there is no confirmation of that at this time. French setup Ag2r is the only team currently vying for the spot left by the dissoultion of Fassa Bortolo at the end of this season.

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