Pro Cycling News – A Few Changes

Oct 8 2005

“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton.

Google has no problem violating their own stated principles in search of profit, yet refuses to let me so much as mention the plainly obvious changes I made to this web page on 8 October 2005, because they might result in “unearned” monitary gain for myself. Don’t be evil, indeed. Gadsdenian indignation aside, I have little choice but to kowtow to their demands; it’s not that I need the piddle-flow of income this site generates, but that I don’t have the time to re-edit the code around the absence of whatever Google-delivered product it is they won’t let me talk about.

Anyway, seeing as this is a cycling blog, not a Google-bashing blog (plenty of those out there, though), I better get to race results. Yes, we do have some today. At the Coppa Sabatini an Italian semi-classic won last year by Jan Ullrich, Domina Vacanze went 1-3 with Alessandro Bertolini and Mirko Celestino. Dario Pieri (scroll down) was on hand at the start, perhaps hopeful for a good result after hearing that wide-body Ullrich had triumphed the previous year. Unfortunately, Roberto Bettini was too focused on Pieri’s big, Italian mug for us to see if Il Toro di Scandicci has trimmed down any since earlier this year, but given that he didn’t finish, I’d assume he still has a ways to go.

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