Pro Cycling News – It's Really Slowing Down

Oct 5 2005

Yes, the end-of-the-season drop off is on in full force, despite that fact that, thanks to the ProTour, the 2005 season is still very much alive. Interbike Stories are now very sparse indeed. I’ll have to go to Competitive Cyclist to get you a new Interbike report. Just keep in mind that, unlike cycling news sites, whose salaries are paid by people who want to sell you stuff, Competitive Cyclist just wants to sell you stuff; in a delicious twist of irony, as a source, this makes them more honest, but less trustworthy. And I suppose there’s also the Sinclair Imports Party, which proves the old saying that women are objects, unless the people who pay you are are trying to sell them something.

Outside of trade shows, everyone seems to be going to everyone else’s webpage to dredge up some news. Cooke to That’s old news (scroll down). Chatting with Saul Raisin? Somebody beat you to it. Another DiLuca interview? Been there, done that. And the Museeuw dope show is getting coverage pretty much everywhere. (BTW, is it just me, or does that guy look different every time I see him? Must be the drugs, I guess…) One of the few bits of real news out there is that Petacchi, still down from his failure at Worlds, is calling it a year, just days before “The Sprinters’ Classic.” And, it looks like Ivan Basso is pulling a little bit of Michael Corleone, saying that now he will do next weekend’s Tour of Lombardy, after declaring his season over yesterday.

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