Pro Cycling News – Simoni Wins Giro dell'Emilia, Dope Doctor Recants

Oct 9 2005

Gibo Simoni is an interesting case. On the one hand, he constanly whines about, well, about everything, yet on the other, he seems to excel in crappy weather. No change at today’s Giro dell’Emilia, where Il Ragno (does anyone even call him that anymore?) stepped away from the rest with a k to go. Mirko Celestino of Domina took his second third-place in as many days, while CSC’s Frank Schleck’s second place was his second within week. Though none of these three have the kick to be favorites at Paris-Tours tomorrow (if any of them are even starting), keep an eye out for them at Tour of Lombardy next Sunday.

If you’ll recall, there was, a few days back, a big old interview with an ex-Postal and formerly current (I’ll explain that in a sec) TIAA-Cref team doctor, who insisted that Marty Jemison and Tyler Hamilton came to him in 1996 looking for dope. And I guess he stands by that. But all that other stuff he said, about Lance Armstrong being a doper and a bad guy, well, he takes all that back. Judging from his language (“my intentions in participating in the L’Equipe interview were not to impugn anyone’s character”), sounds like he got a phone call from the dreded Lance Armstrong Legal Team, better known for their (figurative) black armbands than their yellow bracelets, though in the closing part of his letter, he seems geniunely disappointed to have let the TIAA-Cref kids down. Poor guy just wasn’t ready to be an anti-dope crusader. Should have just stuck to t-shirts and bumper stickers.

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