Pro Cycling News – Red Bull, Boonen, Spaniards Young and Old

Nov 7 2005

So the first annual Red Bull Road Rage went off without a hitch this weekend, though whether or not you want to call it a success would depend on your point of view. Winner of the both the Time Trial and Pack Race events was former DH MTB World Champ, and amatuer botanist Myles Rockwell. Though personally, I have no problem with this, you’d think that at least one of the event reports would mention his, uh, ecclectic taste in herbal supplements. Guess not, though one VeloNews reader decided to write his favorite web page (scroll to bottom) just to make sure it was the same Myles Rockwell. Pre-race favorite, upteen-time 4x, DH, and Dual Slalom Champ Brian Lopes, mustered third in the TT, and probably would have won if, like Rockwell, he had used a regular old road bike, instead of whatever the hell this is. Loads of photos to be had here.

Another world champ, also known to get a little wild from time to time, took his first win in the jersey he almost lost over a month ago in Madrid. Though the results at Amstel Curaçao were likely pre-arranged, making it not so interesting as a race, the “Fotos” section does have some great shots of the riders kicking back after the event. Highlights include Tom Boonen in a World Champ scuba suit (over a dark underlayer, for modesty’s sake) and Pieter Weening riding an ostrich, perhaps the only creature on Earth both taller and skinnier than he. But returning to the handsome, young and (sorry, ladies) taken World Champ, it looks like Tommy Boy will only stay in the sport through 2010, by which point, if he continues winning at his current rate, he will have won every road race known to man, plus a few ‘cross and track events. I mean, seriously, how hot is Tom Boonen right now? Hot enough to draw unsubstantiated doping accusations.

So let’s see, other news, other news… Miguel Indurain, once so famous for being the silent, indomitable champion, has had quite a bit to say in the media recently. Like with most quiet characters, when he opens his mouth, it’s generally worth a listen, and Big Mig has some intersting insights on everything from doping to next year’s Tour de France. One of the young riders tapped by Indurain as a potential successor, Alejandro Valverde has also been scoring his fair share of headlines. While competitors have hit up wind tunnels for an edge, Valverde has done them one better, combining the tunnel experience with biomechanical analysis as well. Apparently, significant changes in the young Spaniard’s cleat position increased power while reducing stress on his knees, which means next year, we might see him finish the Tour de France and improve upon the two Worlds RR silver medals he already has.

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