Pro Cycling News – Way Short Post

Nov 14 2005

Yeah. The problem with updating at 11:16pm EDT is that the next morning at 10, the news is all the same as it was during the last post, because Massachusetts’ last night is still Europe’s this morning. Dang. Ah well. This’ll be a domestic news post, then: Mike Creed and Danny Pate have signed to the TIAA-Cref squad for next season. You might think the two are too old for the team, but you’d be overlooking the fact that TIAA-Cref is now a u26 team, and has been all year (scroll down). The two should add some experience and “mad watts” to the young American squad. Another u23 superstar (he won the u23 GP des Nations in 2000 back when the GP des Nations still existed), Dave Zabriskie finally got back to me about an interview. Unsurprisingly, he declined the invitation, but a reply is more than I’ve gotten from most of my ex-girlfriends, prospective employers, and his teammate Bobby Julich.

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