Pro Cycling News – A Very Short Post

Dec 19 2005

Geez, did I miss another day? Could that be because there is almost nothing to report? Not like much has changed today, but Belgian ‘cross star Bart Wellens did somehow manage to kick an abusive fan while riding away to victory (and, see for yourself, it was some Matrix-style sh!t). Cyclingnews reports here that the Race Jury was “appauled”, but upheld the Belgian’s victory nonetheless. I for one welcome this decision – so long as racers don’t go charging out into the crowds Ron Artest style, they ought to be able to defend themselves against unruly spectators who violate the course, either bodily or via projectile, as was the case for Wellens. They could call it “Wladimir’s Law,” after the luckless Italian, who was disqualified from the 2001 Giro for punching a fan. Sure, riders like Richard Virenque, Marco Pantani and Andy Hampsten have been punching fans for years, but Belli had the misfortune to sock Simoni’s l’il nephew (who’s also related to Francesco Moser).

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