Pro Cycling News – No 2500 for CO-Po'?

Dec 3 2005

What am I, some sort of news reporting dude? C’mon, this is a weekend, you should be out ‘cross racing or hungover. Or both. No need for news from me. Besides, there barely is any. Just two more stories from those VeloNews on that Colorado thing with the 2500 riders. Turns out it wasn’t a law. The police just up and decided more than 2500 riders was excessive. So now some people who are actually charged with making laws have put a bit of a lean on the CO-Po’, and they’re agreeing to “study the issue”. And that’s it. So, to cover the gaping hole left in this post by my early wake-up time, if you scroll down here you can see Alessandro Petacchi and Erik Zabel in a cheese factory. Man, it must be sweet to be a pro cyclist.

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