Bikes vs. The World: Round #6 – Dave Zabriskie vs. Zabriskie Point

Jan 24 2006

It’s baaack! And you thought I had gotten sick of it. Today’s match-up: Utah’s own Dave Zabriskie vs. the 1970 counter-culture classic Zabriskie Point. Click here for a listing of the previous battles.

Category Bike Culture:
Dave Zabriskie
Pop Culture:
Zabriskie Point (1970)
Claim to Fame: Bicycle racer, ’04 US TT Champ, Fastest TT in TdF History, won stages in three straight Grand Tours “Daring” Hollywood cinema attempt to cash in on popularity of 20-something angst and European directors Dave; Point is hardly as memorable as its packaging declares
Directed By: Bjarne Riis, 1996 Tour Winner Michelangelo Antonioni, groundbreaking Italian neorealist, Oscar for lifetime acheievement, 1995 Point; you can tell who directed it just by wathcing. When I see DaveZ, sometimes I wonder…
Plagued By: Horrific crashes God-awful acting Dave; crashes will always happen, bad acting never should
Memorable Quote: “Rock and Roll, dude” (his only comment on winning a stage of the ’05 Giro) “Well, I’m willing to die, too…just not of boredom” (Mark, losing patience with student radicals meeting) Point; c’mon, that’s a sweet line, despite its shabby delivery
Endorses: First Endurance Innovative Racing Nutrients Somewhat simple-minded escapism from the conformity of “establishment” America Draw; I’m pretty disappointed (scroll to bottom) about both
Moment of Disbelief: When Dave somehow hung on to win Stage 11 of the ’04 Vuelta When Mark somehow manages to steal, and then successfully fly off in, a plane Dave; see, one of these things actually happened
Soundtrack By: Westside Connection (scroll to bottom), Guns ‘n Roses (search “Guns”) Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead Draw; and, Dave, the song is “Out Ta Get Me” and the line is “You won’t catch me/ I’m fµ¢&in’ innocent”
Dialogue Best Described As: Sparse Sparse Draw
Window of Cultural Relevance: Opening, though he’ll have a hard time keeping America interested without recovering from cancer Very small. If it had opened in 1965, it would have been huge, but being released in 1970, it closed almost before it began Dave; here’s to hoping for something awesome, man
Ends With: Only time will tell About 10 minutes of houses, TV sets and refrigerators exploding over and over again while Pink Floyd wails in the background Point; I have no idea what DZ’s demise will be like, but I imagine there’ll be fewer explosions

So it’s a 4-3 victory in favor of the CSC rider. Can’t say I’m surprised as I’ve never heard of anyone even mentioning Point outside a collegiate film class. Well, I guess CN did reference it (see link “Stage 11” above) once. But those guys seem to know everything. Dave Zabriskie, on the other hand, is mentioned all over the place, like, um, in bike magazines, and, uh, y’know, bike magazines. Ok, so they’re both pretty esoteric. But clearly, Dave Z is the better of the two.

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