Pro Cycling News – Birthdays, More UCI v. Grand Tours

Jan 7 2006

It’s Saul Raisin’s birthday! Well, kinda. It was actually yesterday (1/6), which was also the Feast of the Epiphany; Perhaps Saul will be the next American revelation in Europe. Ok, ok, I know that’s a stretch, but what the heck else can I report on? Seriously, look at how short today’s “First Edition News” is. I don’t know what gifts Saul got for his birthday, but exciting developments in the world of cycling sure wasn’t one of them. “Pro Tour teams back UCI”. Yeah, there’s a shocker. After dropping a collective 300,000 EUR on license fees and getting guaranteed appearances to the biggest races in cycling, of course the team owners support the ProTour. In the interests of fairness, why don’t the UCI and Grand Tour organizers set up an arbitration panel of riders and fans (who get paid/get to watch races no matter what the outcome) to settle this dispute. It’s not that I think empty threats an posturing are a poor means of conflict resolution (it works for gorillas), but for me, it just takes too friggin’ long.

No, when stories are a sparse as this, the best way to go about filling space is to infer and suggest. For example, a few days back, VeloNews ran this little story about tattoos. It’s informative, medically sound (I’m told), interesting, etc. But what really lept out at me was the reference to Adam Hodges Myerson’s tattooing. It’s “large and ornate” yet also “covered by team kit”. So how does the author know it’s there? Well, Doc, any comment? Eh? Hodges-Myerson is a married, too, from what I hear (though he could be married to Dr. Richardson; I really wouldn’t know being pretty far out of the non-Berkshire loop). Ah well. Also, Yahoo news has a story on Jonathan Boyer. And I thought it would be pretty much impossible Boyer to look any less flattering than John Wilcockson makes him in these three stories. Guess I was wrong.

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