Pro Cycling News – Boonen Takes Two at Tour of Qatar, Lance Responds to Bode

Jan 31 2006

You know what happens when you wake up at a reasonable hour? You miss reporting on Stage 1 of the Tour of Qatar, which is one of my favorite training races, as it visits such exotic locations as “Khalifa Stadium” and “Camel Race Track”. Interesting though it may be, the result was no surpise, as Tom Boonen took a field sprint. Blackout Boonen did the same thing again today (and, because I slept in, I can report on it), he claims it was more difficult this time, due to road conditions. This makes, what, five in a row for the World Champ, who has yet to lose since slipping on those rainbow stripes? I’m not really sure how, but it seems this Pez reporter was watching the action. If you really want to see it, you can probably catch the highlights later on Cycling.TV (where last year’s race is currently available for your viewing pleasure).

A couple of non-racing stories to keep you posted on, too. On his weekly Sirius Satellite Radio broadcast (which has apparently been in reruns for a while), Lance Armstrong responded to Bode Miller’s accusations of drug use by telling the ’05 World Cup Skiing Champ “kiss my white ass“, though the somewhat more diplomatic response of “Who the hell is Bode Miller?” was also offered. The long-awaited team presentation has gone down, and the suprise of the day was Frank Vandenbroucke on hand, in shape and sporting a stylishly understated mullet. Though Brochard’s legendary coif has been scaled back, the haircut has undergone something of a renaissance, employed currently by riders young and old alike. Oh, and the Saunier Duval news train keeps on a-rollin’. Must…buy…Scott Bikes…and…Prodir Pens.

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