Pro Cycling News – Not Gay, Upcoming Races

Jan 5 2006

Enough rants, right? Today I offer you news items. News item #1: cycling isn’t gay (not that there would be anything wrong with that). Yeah, I know, the tight pants, the shaved legs, the constant hand-holding, the bright colors. But it’s all totally straight. See all these photos of women? Plus Rolf Aldag, who’s been known to do his fair share of hand-holding, just had a baby, which is pretty straight, I think. Though his reaction to the birth is chauvinistic to the point that it might suggest self-loathing.

News item #2: the season will be here before you know it. Vuelta a Murica begins 1 March 2006, and already, some big names are lining up. Basso and Petacchi aren’t slacking off either. Later this month, we’ll see the sprinters and non-climbers shake off the rust at the Tour of Qatar, and a mere 12 days from now, the Tour Down Under kicks off. And let’s not forget the now decade-old Tour de Lankawi, Feb 3-12; a report here claims that young American Saul Raisin will lead the Credit Agricole team. Of course, it also claims he raced the 2005 TdF, which he didn’t, but hey, we can’t all be as good as VeloNews, right?

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