Pro Cycling News – Tattoo Clarifications, Rebellin, Wilcockson Weighs In

Jan 8 2006

So apparently there was this big explanation of AHM’s tattoo in this VeloNews…well, I don’t know what to call it. Column? Editorial? Blog? My best description would be “amorphous blob of marginally relevant cycling information that does little else beyond proclaiming to the world of the Internet that, yes, Fred Dreier is a bike industry insider”. I don’t generally read the “Fred’s Eye” or “Rogers’ Neighborhood” columns, and the second paragraph of the article linked above is a pretty good indicator of why. If you can make it through that second paragraph without reflexively jabbing yourself in the eye with a fork, you are by far the better man. Anyway, I wasn’t really sure after reading the original article that this was AHM’s chest. Sure, it says “photo courtesy of Adam Hodges Myerson” now, but I’m pretty sure that it didn’t last night.

We have some news for you, too. (Well, not “we”, per se, but you get the idea.) Davide Rebellin, who responded to his snub from the ’04 Italian World’s team after one of the best classics seasons in history by attempting to become Argentinian, apparently wants back into Italy. Or at least I think that’s what it says. Rebellin’s results still list him as “(Ita)”, so maybe he already swtiched back. If that is the case, I have no idea what that article is about. Moving back to VeloNews, John Wilcockson has come out staunchly against the Grand Tour organizers in their recent tiff with the UCI. Though I admire his exposé of L’Equipe’s non-reporting, I find his assumption that AIGCP actually represents the will of the riders uncharacteristically naive, and his implication that the ProTour sqauds (25% of which are French) would skip the Tour de France out of spite utterly moronic. Still, as the man has been involved in cycling since my father was in short pants, the careful Cyclocosm reader would do well to give his arguments more consideration than I have.

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