Pro Cycling News – Team Updates, Dopers Really Do Suck

Jan 10 2006

What’s the deal? Why are we quibbling about tats on local hero ‘cross racers? Is this not a pro cycling blog, with the “pro” part carrying a heavy implication of European as well? Onward, then, to across the pond. Surely there must be news by now? Yes! And it’s all team-related. CSC comes through with an interview of Kasper Klostergaard. He might not be very famous yet, but he rides for CSC so he can’t possibly be that bad. T-Mobile tells us that Patrick “Stinky” Sinkewitz has a knee infection, but omits the fact that it unceremoniously dumped (scroll down) Paco Lara from its roster. From Saunier Duval comes word of a new skinsuit and helmet being tested after the team’s Tour of California trip, while Rabobank (scroll down) was recently gussied up for its official team presentation, and Milram (scroll down) is about to be. Heck, just read up on all the squads here.

“But wait,” you’re asking me. “What about the Hamilton case? Isn’t that news, too?” No, it’s not. Tyler told you all back in November that he was going to have a second hearing around this time. Besides, he isn’t really on a team now, so it would totally throw off the thematic line of “team-oriented” news. That’s why I waited to put it in the second paragraph, with this other dope-related story. Czech U23 ‘crosser Martin Zlamalik has tested positive for ephedrine, a mild stimulant that is essentially the same as the active ingredient in Sudafed. Still, that’s a anti-doping no-no, so Zlamalik is now anxiously awaiting the results of his B-sample. Now, why should you care? Well, strangely enough, this Czech fellow has finished ahead of Brandon Dwight a few times this season. Who’s Brandon Dwight? Why, another U23 ‘crosser, and the founder of Dopers Suck! Small world, eh?

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