Heavy, Light Bikes; Tour of Cali TT; Het Volk Looks Hot

Feb 23 2006

Ah, that’s better – see this bike? Full carbon, with the weave showing, nice expensive SRM cranks – now that’s a pro ride. Never mind that it weighs 18lbs – you can’t weigh a bike using your eyes, and besides, this same model has to support Dario Pieri’s meaty carriage. Only slightly-built loudmouths like Gilberto Simoni are harried by the stench of weight-weeniedom. Gimme a break – weights glued to the downtube? How about a heavier, longer lasting chain? Or some high-end cable housing? And the fuss with your TT bike (scroll to “race notes”) today – come on man, that’s the most transparent marketing stunt since Terrell Owens’ Sharpie. And VN got Scott USA’s marketing director to explain it? Real solid journalism, guys – was that the most reliable source you could find? How about talking to the fµ¢&ing team mechanic, who’s bloody job it is to put the rig together? And why was it only superstar Simoni’s bike that came up light? This BS won’t fly with anyone other than the knobs producing the show for ESPN 2.

I’m sure I would have been forced to watch some dumb@$$ segment on it, had Stephen A. Smith not decided to run 15 minutes long. My condolences to those of you whose lives do not permit a 2am bedtime. Your VCRs and TiVo’s have no doubt be robbed you of another exciting…oh, wait, no. It’s the second time trial in four days. So no real thrill to be had from the coverage (but if you gotta see it, check this out). Landis won by half-a-minute and took the lead; he looked like a freakin’ turbo tank in his “It” position, and nailed the tricky descent. Back in Europe at the Tour of Valencia, Alessandro Petacchi, who I’m guessing is a big reader of this page, responded to my flippant comment yesterday that he lost a sprint for second, by taking yet another win. Ale-Jet is looking good so far for his goal to win stages at all 3 grand tours, a goal shared by former rival (y’know, back when he was good) Baden Cooke. The Benalla Bullet and now Comeback Kid would like to focus on the classics as well, and that, with Robbie McEwen and Tom Boonen throwing their hats in the ring, should make for a very interesting Het Volk. I’ll be watching live. Will you?

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