Pippo Pozzatto Poaches San Remo

Mar 18 2006

People all whining about how we “need” to change the Milan-San Remo course – please. What could you possibly ask for from a bike race that today’s event did no give you? A strong early move staying out 200k+, right up to the foot of the Cipressa, attacks flying every which way, two late moves packed with dangerous riders, and a desperate group charge to the line that almost-but-not-quite brought back Quick.Step’s blonde dark horse, Pozzatto. Certainly the Q.S squad was strongest on the day, and Pozzatto’s personal effort, a quarter-mile suicide move after pulling the field back up to one late-race move, then jumping to mark another, was a tour de force. But Boonen’s excitiment at his teammate’s win allowed him to be pipped for 3rd by Luiquigas’ Luca Paolini, which turns out to be a 2,500 Euro (scroll down) mistake. But I guess if you’re the World Champion, you can get away with that. Big losers on the day? I want to say Milram, as Petacchi’s train was all but devoured by the Poggio, but Ale-Jet still almost won. I’ll tag Alexandro Valverde, whose new bike was nowhere to be seen when the attacks were flying, and Eurosport, for misrepresenting the race finale, as today’s donuts.

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