Now this is a crash…

Apr 21 2006

I found a decently sized rock on the side of the road on a group ride earlier this week and went flying, but it had photographers been present, it would have been nowhere near as exciting as this. Piecing together exactly what went wrong here is great fun. My guess is that’s Marco Velo (who broke his collarbone) is the Milram chap somewhat obscured by Hondo.

I suppose the fact that Danilo Hondo didn’t get caught up in such a catastrophic crash upon his return to the peloton could be taken as a sign that the anti-doping gods approve of his somewhat unorthodox exoneration process. Then again, the fact that there was a crash at all could be those same anti-doping gods registering their disgust.

I wonder if there’s some sort of anti-doping diviner we could consult on the topic…

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