A Lazy, Lazy Rest Day

May 11 2006

Giro rest day? Already? Man, the world’s gone lazy. Not the riders, mind you – the journalists. Look at this: scattered clumps of reports, stories on yesterday’s “Oprah” – come on, guys, this is why some people hate blogs. Not that the “real” press has gone after it any harder; a trip to a bike factory? Oh yeah, guys, real tough. What’s next? Gonna profile a local brewery? Or visit a strip club?

Now this is how you do it. Long, hump-busting days, with food when you’ve got it, and sleep when you can fit it in. Though, still, it couldn’t be that tough if the riders are doing it, too. Heck, Tom Danielson’s posted more blog entries on this year’s Giro than I have. Marco Pinotti is getting in on the act as well, along with CSC’s directeur sportif Scott Sunderland. Even the mechanics, arguably the poorest, most stressed out, overworked souls on the circuit, can manage an interview now and then.

Yeah, I’ll be much happier when this show gets back on the road with tomorrow’s TTT. Consensus seems to be it’s a three way race between Disco, CSC and the T-Mob, though CN, among their other Giro bikes, has a feature on Michael Rasmussen’s (unfortunate owner of one of the worst time trials in history) chrono rig. John Wilcockson runs down the week beyond that, while Pez recons the first climbing action. Here’s looking forward to ten uninterrupted days of racing after the second rest day wraps up.

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