Floyd Lawyers Up, Zabel and O'Grady Blame it on the Rain

Aug 3 2006

Floyd, man, why you gotta let your lawyer make you look bad? Your boy is talking about how he’s troubled the UCI has “spoken out” about your case? They kept your identity secret until your team broke the news. And then he sounds off about how the B sample “has not been tested? Landis, please; it was your lame ass that held out on having it tested in the first place. How much are you paying this hack, anyway? Look at his previous client list: Tyler Hamilton? Tim Mongomery?? Is that really the future you want? The only doper I can think of who’s still winning races was one of the few to guys to sack up and admit it right away. I feel like that’s probably the best way to go about it; like the lastest ex-pro tell-all, I think the path to less doping starts with the changing the riders, not changing the races.

Despite the furor, the racing goes on, and yesterday, two aging sprinters got spanked. During another rainy day at the Tour of Germany, previously unknown Astana rider Assan Bazayev took a group sprint over Lampre’s Danilo Napolitano and creaky old Erik Zabel of Team Milram. During an even rainer day at the Tour of Denmark (otherwise known by the god-awful moniker “Post Danmark Rundt”), Stuart O’Grady worked his way into a three-man move with two guys (Rene Crashelbacher of Gerolsteiner and the stage winner, Panaria’s Aitor Galdos Alanso) that turned out to be faster than he. Though O’Grady and Zabel put on a roaring battle for Green back at the ’01 TdF, a few more days like yesterday might make it time to go – if they hang around too long past their primes, they’ll risk ending up like Greg Lemond.

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