Skies Darken over Landis, Tour of Germany.

Aug 1 2006

Ok, Eurosport, you just made my sh!t list. First, you say the Landis results will be in by Monday; then you give me the “oh, it hasn’t be tested yet, but it will be soon, and now we’ll know by Saturday? Weak sauce, man. Though I suppose I should pass on a little blame to Landis as well; I know you don’t have much faith in a B sample exoneration, but jeez, if you’re innocent, why not have it tested right away? You weren’t hoping to hold results off until after the lab’s vacation, were you? At any rate, the NY Times has now confirmed the reports of phoney-baloney testosterone in your pee; FreeFloydLandis may not have given up hope, but I am definitely leaning that way.

Fortunately for me, there is once again the distraction of racing. Or at least, there would have been if Cycling.TV had a less arcane password retrieval system. As it stands, I managed to log in immediately after the race had ended. Vlad Gussev won it for Disco, with locals Linus Gerdemann (TMO) and Sebastian Lang (GER) finishing up the podium. Judging by the recap footage, weather swung between dreary to miserable, with wind and rain enough to keep a lot of the GC guys (Leipheimer, Sinkewitz) from throwing down. Beyond the always compelling crash footage, the only other item of interest was that Deutchland Tour organizers use the 20th Fox Theme song at jersey presentations; I wonder if they had to pay royalties on that?

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