There's No News but Dope News

Aug 11 2006

Yes, yes…it’s been a long week of me not posting. Partially because I’ve been busy, and partially because there really hasn’t been that much to report on. Jens Voigt won the Tour of Germany, capping off a monster August for Bjarne Riis and his boys at CSC. Meanwhile, some have cited Iban Mayo’s recent win at the Tour of Burgos as a sign of resurgence, but as the start list shows, Burgos wasn’t exactly an A-List event. On my side of the pond, Saul Raisin returned to the roads for the first time since his crash, and provided proof that the balance is back. Lance Armstrong got in touch with his inner fratboy, and Erik Dekker, somewhat disappointly, DNF’d his way into retirement. But other than that, nothing of note happend.

Well, ok; you got me. There’s still that whole Landis thing. And, man, Floyd, this aggressive defence is not making you look innocent. Every time I turn around, you’re belching out a new excuse. Is it any wonder everyone, from Maxim to whoever it was that made this, is taking a shot at you? At least your case has gotten all sorts of important people to talk about possible soltuons, and highlighted the idiocy of trying to convict riders without a positive test. Patrick Lefevre thinks the new solution is to sue dopers who defend themselves legally, turning their own apparently vile use of “the American system” against them. Good thinking, Pat, because going by your team’s utterly unremarkable performance at this year’s TdF, I’d have to say trial by combat has already dismissed your claim.

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