A Return to the News

Nov 6 2006

No rants today, folks, and none for a while, I promise. Just a return to the good old fashioned news updates, primarily because my ethical indignation glands have been going full bore since July 1, and are now completely tapped out. First news item of the day is old: Operacion Puerto has been shelved. No charges, and no penalties. Ok, fine: you can punish Jan Ullrich. But no one else. What? Still not satisfied? Ok, ok, geez. We’ll dig up some two-year old charges on a recently unsuspended rider, and for good measure, kick around some new accusations. Happy?

What? Are you still hollering for blood? F*cking A, where were you in July, when we banned half the freaking peloton (not that it stopped them from doping)? Ok, you want blood – how about some DNA? Oh, don’t worry about the rider’s rights – the CPA can’t do much other than provide DNA samples (if you know what I mean). Quite a strange habit for a group that’s so clealy impotent. Still, perhaps it’s better to be silently flaccid than vocally priapic, as Dick Pound can now add the NBA to the long list (UCI, ASO, NHL, IOC, etc) of three letter acronyms that don’t take him seriously.

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