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Feb 7 2007

Yes, it’s true: I’ve been skimping on the posting lately. But it’s not my fault! You try porting 400+ posts from evil New Blogger to less evil but far more finicky WordPress. Compound those difficulties with the fact that Cyclocosm isn’t even hosted on my own webspace and that I know frick-all about SQL, then add to that the effort of coding a new CSS template and parsing the aforementioned 400+ posts into categories. And I’m stuck on my tail in a cube 40 hours a week. How does the rest of the universe find time for 4+ hour base rides?

Anyway, I’ve missed much worth addressing. Quick.Step failed to win every stage at the Tour of Qatar because Wilfried Cretskens was too pathetically weak to escape from his breakaway in the final kilometer of Stage 5. What a whimp. Sure, he kinda attoned for it by taking the overall, but c’mon – he made the rest of the team look foolish. Still, it could be worse: he could be Graeme Brown.

Meanwhile, the European road season got off to a predictably rocky start. The government of the Western European Psuedocommunist Spendocracy (better known as France) reiterated their complete ignorance of the sponsorship system by railroading poor old Unibet.com into wearing these monstrosities. Nevermind that FDJ has been using the peloton to sell French gambling addicts worthless lottery stubs for nearly a decade – no foreign gambling ads allowed. No matter, Unibet still took the win and, adding insult to injury, used a Brit to do it. It was also a big day for another anglophone, but in a very different way.

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