Arekeev fools Eisel; Contador Wins at P-N; Silly Law Tricks

Mar 15 2007

Ok, people: this needs to stop happening. I realize these were different races in different countries, but seriously – two times in two days? Boonen and Eisel ride for two huge, well-funded, been-around-forever squads, so you can’t be like “oh, you know, we can’t afford a TV in our team car” or anything. If radios really are ruining the sport, they might as well keep people from embarrassing themselves at the same time. (Though we did get some sweet quotes out of it.)

The guy who actually won Stage 2 of T-A is completely unknown to me. And I haven’t had cause to mention his team since Fast Freddie’s Giro win, and before that, since Cipo’ invented the Zebra Suit. Today’s other winner, Alberto Contador, has been tagged for greatness for years – though the last time I saw him, he was hanging out in a wind tunnel with this guy. *Awkward* – yeah, but Contador rides for Disco now, so he must be clean…

Speaking of, there’s been another development in the Danilo Hondo case. Honestly, I’ve lost track of exactly how many permutations of un- and re-banned he’s gone through since his initial positive, nearly two years ago. I guess the long/short is that since he raced between an “un-” and a “re-“, now that he is definitively “re-“, he’ll have to make up for that time he competed when he thought he was “un-“. You dig? Though I guess there’s on last batch of appeals to go – but after that, that should be the last of it (I think).

Anyway, while I disapprove of the legal jerk show that’s seen the German (with a Swiss license) in and out of competition for the past two years, it doesn’t bother me half much as this screed from the City of Strasbourg. The effort police spend trying to run down cyclists though the alleys of that gothic rat maze will hardly be worth any fines they do collect. Thank God I live in Boston, where the cops have better things to do.

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