EU BS and a Peloton at Two Speeds?

Mar 11 2007

I completely don’t understand the European Union. It’s like some bizarre club, founded by a group of people who hate each other, and designed with the intention of allowing each member to screw over every other member at every opportunity. This whole Unitbet thing, which come the Giro, could extend itself to FdJ and Lotto, is really an extension of that. See, America is better, because although it contains 50 members, they divide themselves into two simple groups and just take turns wailing on other, every four years or so.

Yeah, but now racing. Paris-Nice prologue; won by David Millar over a not exactly star-studded Top 10. And just a day after the UCI unveiled its new blood profiling program. Millar, in case you forgot, confessed to EPO use in 2004, but is apparently now clean. His winning kinda puts a hole in that “peloton at two speeds thing” that the UCI aims to correct, doesn’t it? In fact, come to think of it, a lot of riders from the “lower speed” peloton have been doing well lately – Jimmy Casper for example. Yeah, if it weren’t for superstars like Alejandro Valverde and Danilo DiLuca winning races all the time, people might think this sport is clean…

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