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Mar 29 2007

Sloppy copy editor that I am, I can sympathize with a typo or two. But a dead link on a freakin’ “Site of the Day” page – I mean, wow. Don’t worry, though; since it’s for a good cause, I sent my friends in Boulder an email informing them of the mistake. If I haven’t been permanently relegated to the spam filter, the error will probably be fixed by the time you read it. But, just in case, I’ve memorialized the gaffe for posterity at

Speaking of gaffes, I really fanned on that Scarponi win yesterday. No, not by missing his Puerto connection (that was an intentional omission), but by not mentioning that he smacked up Mick Rogers and heatseeker Richardo Ricco on his way to victory. Ricco got stuffed again today, this time by a resurgent Danilo DiLuca. This Settimana/Coppi-Bartali thing has some pretty big names throwing down for the current GC leader to be Luca Pierfelici (?) of team Aurum Hotels (??).

See, at Castilla y Leon, the results make sense. The story so far – Vlad Karpets wins the prologue, and holds the lead while Francisco Ventoso snaps up some flat stages. Then today, Alberto Contador used his team to grind Karpets up before launching, before launching his own assault. It’s the same thing Postal used to win a couple Tours de France. A brain hemorrhage might not be nut cancer, but maybe keep an eye on this Contador fellow, yeah?

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