Sarthe, Vasco, Roubaix Build-Up

Apr 12 2007

Honestly, the only reason I even know the Circuit de Sarthe exists is because of that DVD, The Road To Paris. The 2001 Postal Squad is grumpy ’cause the haven’t won any races, and so, to remind everyone that the real goal is the TdF, Johann gives them a little pep talk.

Johann Bruyneel: Anyone one of you could win Circuit de Sarthe
Christian Vandevelde:(off-screen) Not Me!
Johann Bruyneel: Yes, Christian, even you

I guess Saul Raisin’s crash there grabbed a few headlines, too. Come to think of it, that same crash broke Tyler Ferrar’s collarbone – and yesterday, just over a year later, Ferrar brakes his knee. Man, what are the odds?

Anyway, the racing. Paride Grillo took his first win since returning from “unfitness”, while Andreas Kloden continued to look good, beating Brad Wiggins in short time trial. Keep in mind that short time trials are what Brad Wiggins does (note the mistake on 3rd place’s time). I guess there was also racing in Spain, with Angel Vicioso and Jens Voight winning stages. But what’s the word on everyone’s lips? Roubaix.

Some people haven’t gotten on it yet (ProCycling, for example, is too busy hocking its print publication or still figuring out its content management system), but for most, the allure is too powerful. The history, the stones, the mud – you just can’t keep the fans away. Podium Cafe has set up a psuedo wiki to tip favorites, but I say why go halfway?

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