Giro Stage 4, the End is Nigh

May 16 2007

Has cycling reached the end times? Jerry Falwell’s death certainly puts me in a state akin to rapture, and everywhere you look, people are spewing Jeremiads: it’s a hard time for cycling; the sport is awash with evil; Georg Totchnig even sees armageddon and rebirth – and keep in mind, this is what people are discussing on the day of the ’07 Giro’s first mountain test; it’s not like there are no other stories out there. Anyway, DiLuca made the most of his second coming at Montevergine, while Paolos Savoldelli and Bettini found themselves a bit “left behind”, so to speak. For those who were not there to hear the good word, Podium Cafe recaps the saved and the damned.

I’m trying to remember all the signs of the Apocalypse – I’m pretty sure the return of the saints on the list, right? Is a comically ineffective justice system among them? If so, better sell off that Google stock now and buy some hot pants because we’re all going to hell. Seriously, the biggest case in the history of anti-doping and we’ve got and hour delay while people scour the greater Los Angeles area for someone who speaks French? Anyway, I’m pretty sure complicated Grand Tour arrangements aren’t commonly regarded as an end times indicator, but to hear Patrick LeFevere tell it, they might as well be. Funny thing is, the riders don’t seem too bothered by it. But whether the coming weeks bring fiery damnation, etherial bliss, or humdrum status quo, I don’t think anything can definitively kill the Unibet saga, but be sure keep the little team that nobody wanted in your prayers

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