Weekend Recap, Landis Trial Slows

May 21 2007

Yes, another weekend without posts. I do try to post on weekends, you know, but I haven’t been home for an entire weekend since…well, since a while. While I was gone, though, nothing too significant happened. Petacchi won another stage, but don’t go calling it a return to dominance just yet – the big guy got nipped on home soil today. Ale-Jet seems to think things would go better if there were more finishes in front of stadium crowds, but it’s important not to forget, the sport thrives on the energy and unpredictability of the open road. Bad pavement, crashes, and thin crowds are a package deal with the sunflowers and scenic alpine valleys.

Anyway, Petacchi’s win was almost followed by a GC shake-up on Sunday, but rosa-clad Marco Pinotti’s battered T-Mobile squad kept a powerful (27 riders, Bettini, Hincapie) move just within reach. Things might have been different had Richardo Ricco (a mere 5’45” back) not been elbowed rudely out of it. He’s a work in progress, though, and may yet exact revenge. At the end of the stage, it was the other Norwegian, Kurt-Asle Arvesen, who took the honors, outfoxing some guy named Paolo Bettini in a tactical finale. Ever the professional, Arvesen apologized for stealing the win from his no-name adversary, but seems to think there may yet be a future for him in the sport.

Now, you’d never know it from reading Pez, but there really is a non-Giro story out there in the world of cycling. It’s the Floyd trial! Landis continued to say everything he’s been saying all along, but this time, he did it after putting his hand on a bible! ZOMFG! By the way, just, you know, in case you were wondering, Floyd’s ex-manager has entered rehab, because apparently, that makes your apology more sincere. I know it’s hard to follow-up on surprise revelations, color-coordinated outfits and the like, but man, such a let down over the previous fun. Hopefully cross examination will prove more exciting – I’m thinking a red tie, maybe?

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