False Alarms, Dauphine Li-boring

Jun 7 2007

So I woke up this morning, rolled my battered carcass to the side of the bed, popped open the laptop and said “OMFG!’ Well, ok – I didn’t say that. But come on, look at these headlines: “Police Raid Quick Step” and “VDB Attempts Suicice” [sic]. Not to pick on Podium Cafe, but they’ve been less quick to backpedal, as word has trickled down that these events were not as serious as first thought. Honestly, the whole situation gives me the feeling that people just aren’t that excited about the Tour of Luxembourg, even if Juan Antonio Flecha has just taken the lead, and may yet perform his crowd-pleasing “arrow” salute.

Despite the upcoming ProTour events I’m really just not that psyched about the month of June. Preparatory races hold no thrill for me, no matter what everyone else is saying, and no amount of TdF ramping up is going to get me going, no matter how much caps lock is used. We’ll talk about the Tour when we get to the Tour. Sure, the new Madone, between ripping off every bad idea other manufacturers have come up with in the past 3 years and raising questions about whether it’s possible to “face” carbon fiber, has stirred me a bit, but beyond that, there’s little in the conventional news world to keep me interested.

So how to fill the void? Product reviews! I’ve got a year-long backlog of abused products to root through in my bedroom, and let me tell you, a few of them most certainly did not make the cut. So expect roughly one per week through at least July or so. And really, what else are you going to do with your time? Read up as Jesus Manzano casts more allegations while providing the public with no details? Listen as commentators haggle endlessly over which Tour favorites had a “successful” Dauphine? Fret nervously with the cable listings, desperately trying to remember which channel OLN is before realizing it’s changed it’s name to Versus? We’d all rather be getting the miles in, but at least this way, you’ll know what parts you’d rather be riding.

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