What a Lousy Day

Jul 4 2007

I am not a happy camper. Cyclingnews was sold last night, to an evil publishing conglomerate – an evil publishing conglomerate that already owns, among 150 or so other publications, ProCycling, Cycling Plus, MBUK and What Mountain Bike. Since the Podium Cafe seems to have taken the mature, cautious response to this development, I’ll spend a moment to tell you what’s actually going on.

Future just launched this humpish atrocity called BikeRadar.com, and wants it to become the online source for all things bike. Since ProCycling’s webpage has never been much more than an infomercial for their print publication, and since Cyclingnews is the 500-pound gorilla of the industry, Future decided to kill two birds with one stone – ala Charles Foster Kane buying the editorial staff of the New York Chronicle. “Really, Charles, what will people think…” “What I tell them to think!” Truer words were never spoken, and the loss today for internet-savvy cycling fans is immeasurable.

And as if it weren’t bad enough that cycling’s largest independent news source just got swallowed, cycling’s fastest sprinter, Alessandro Petacchi, looks to have scored a one year mandatory vacation for overusing his asthma inhaler. Yeah, awesome. Way to fight doping. You know why caffeine was removed from the banned list? Because it doesn’t help you win races. And if the cannisters of asthma meds my friends used to drain before the mile run in middle school gym are any indication, neither does salbutamol. No word yet on whether The Man will be forcing Petacchi to give up his 2007 salary or leave the ProTour for an additional two years.

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