Back From the Brink

Sep 4 2007

Ok – I admit, I was down the past couple days. Down lower than Andreas Kloden or even Tommy D. No, I didn’t get hit by a car, or crash out of the Vuelta. I’d just been feeling low. I mean, here I am, drawing closer to 26 than 25, and all the times it seems, there’s another guy my age winning something big.

When do I get to make the top of my field? Sure, the competition is tough, but c’mon, I haven’t even gotten the chance to compete. Where’s my license form? Where do I pay the entry fee? Show me the rules for upgrading. I’m stuck here test-riding hybrids when all I want to do is get on the front and wail. It’s not like I couldn’t resist the drug temptations. I can handle the handle the uncertainty and pay my dues at the junk races. If Voeckler can do it, I gotta be able to, too, right?

Maybe I shouldn’t be so eager to get it done early. I mean, O’Grady’s only gotten better with age, and most of the guys who win over and over again seem to be north of thirty. Still, it’s nice to watch a newer name come up, confirm his skills and reap the rewards. Maybe next time, it’ll be me…

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