More Frustrations and Vuelta/Worlds

Sep 5 2007

Why must I be surrounded by frickin’ idiots? Aren’t Italians and Spaniards swarthy enough by nature that they need not be photographed in such Hadean shade? Ugh. And Oscar, I realize the Vuelta seems to change the colors of its leaders’ kits every year, but just try and find something in maroon to match that sprint competition jersey, ok? The UCI fashion police should be set up by next season, and I can’t expect they’ll be any more adept with the rules of fashion as they are with those of doping.

Anyway, one week, two stages, three world titles – could a fourth be on the way for Oscarito? I’d hate to say a teammate could make his odds longer, but if the Spanish Federation can somehow get Valverde into Worlds, it certainly opens up options for the Iberians, doesn’t it? After all, despite what the news keeps trying to push, Oscar Pereiro isn’t the most likely candidate for a win – in Stuttgart or Madrid. Don’t get me wrong, I like the “other” Oscar, but, should there ever be a Landis guilty verdict, I think he’ll find a place in history no larger than Roger Walkowiak’s.

Yes, I feel like Caisse D’Epargne’s efforts might be better invested in this Efimkin fellow; you know he lost only 1:30 on the final climb after riding in the break all day? Granted, his work against the clock leaves a bit to be desired, but hey, check out his sweet VAM. Though if numbers like that keep up, and with the pressure already on Valverde, the squad might have to start jettisoning lesser-known riders in a vain attempt to stay in the sport another three years.

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