The Doping (Ger)Mania at Worlds

Sep 27 2007

Good lord. I thought Germans were known for careful planning, level-headedness, and efficiency, not the 11th hour, spur of the moment $&!tshow we’re currently being treated to. Here’s (I think) what’s certain so far – DiLuca is out, bowing to pressure from the locals and a recommendation for a four-month (what? Someone hand me a WADA code book…) suspension. Bettini, on the other hand, seems to be the new scapegoat, now that Valverde’s in. UCI Pres McQuaid, if his assessment of Allen Davis was any indication, has given Bettini the kiss of death.

Bettini, if you’ll recall, is under scrutiny a) because he still hasn’t signed the UCI no-dope charter (apparently, just a compromised second draft) and b) because some German TV show says that Patrick Sinkewitz says that Bettini gave him drugs. However, Sinkewitz and his lawyer (possibly fearing slander charges?) have denied saying this. Bettini, for his part, denies the doping claims, and says he won’t sign the charter because “it’s extortion” and won’t donate blood because it’s “akin to giving up one’s basic human rights”. Paolo Bettini, cyclophilosopher.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the topic, except Pez, who’s just carrying merrily along as if the whole mess wasn’t happening. General response from stateside bloggers is cynicism and towards the timing, pandering, and outright hypocrisy on the part of the Germans, and you can count me in that bunch with a vengeance. Meanwhile, only one rider has been caught maybe doping in the souped up Stuttgart controls, and, oh yeah, Fabian Cancellara cruised to his second straight World TT crown.

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