Jan 22 2008

Jeezum H. Crow…I feel like a bear forced out of estuvation by an early spring. I’m all for globalization of the sport, but WTF? January? I mean, this sh!t doesn’t even make sense – another stage today, but none yesterday? The two races are part of the same event, and yet unrelated? I refuse to glorify this travesty by caring about how it works.

In all seriousness, though, this time of year is for stories like Lance Armstrong running the Boston Marathon or suspended dopers being angry and/or repentent. Now I’ve gotta analyze races? Man, eff that. The next event isn’t until the Ronde, for cryin’ out loud. Since a Team High Road rider won one day and a clean-to-the-point-of-luckless French squad the next, I declare the peloton officially dope free in perpetuity throughout the universe. Now don’t bug me again until the ASO fatcats get things underway at Tour of Qatar.

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