I'm Back!

Mar 20 2009

Yes, between tweets and chasing away a staggering amount of Russian-language comment spam, I think might just find time to post here again. After all, if post-first-retirement Lance Armstrong can find off from his hectic career of not working and running 3 hour marathons to train for bike racing, surely I can find a spare moment or two to inject some cynical levity into the sport we all love so dearly.
As we see from the recent Paris-Nice Top 4, none of cycling’s new heads of state have ever been tied to doping scandals, and the odd man out in the group gives France the latest in a long line of TdF no-hopers! It’s like nothing’s changed, right down to the scrub squad Postal Disco Astana threw at KBK and Het Volk Nieuwsblad. And I hear their San Remo squad is hot–just check out the thrilled expression this old baseball glove is wearing. Is it any wonder that tactical infant magician Johann Bruyneel keeps winning awards?
Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s a whole season to rip on the overhyped, call out the under-criticized, and remind the rest of you what simple-minded, Lance-slobbering, marketing-addled Freds you all are. Best not to burn myself out until April or so…

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