Weekend Wrap-up, Renaming Races, Below the BikeRadar

Mar 30 2009

photo by Flickr user GasMunky, cc-by-sa-nc-3.0Ah, a fine weekend of spring racing in Belgium at E3 Prijs and Brabantse Pijl. Impressive wins by Pipo Pozzatto, who was no doubt stinging from my jibe in last week’s How the Race was Won, and Anthony Geslin, who’s probably still in shock that he’s won anything outside the Coupe de France series. Should have another How the Race was Won up on E3 by tonight sometime.

Off the cobbles, Jens Voight (pictured) won his fifth Criterium International, equalling the record of eternal Tour second Raymond Poulidor. One more win and I think there’d be no question about renaming the race GP Jens Voight in the German’s honor. I’m also a fairly fervent proselytizer for renaming the Tour of California as the “Tour of Levi Leipheimer”, since the race jury seems determined to put him on the top step, regardless of the actual racing.

Seriously, though, Levi has continued to put on an impressive campaign, gobbling up each little stage race he puts on his plate like so many bacon-wrapped cocktail weenies. Last person I saw knock back tune-up events with such aplomb ended up winning the Tour de France—even if he only got to keep the title for a couple weeks. I should make it abundantly clear that I don’t think Levi has/will have this problem; his issue at the Grandest of Tours may be far less serious but far more irritating (if you need “il grande freddo” translated, I would humbly suggest following a different sport).

Speaking of irritating, who saw me absolutely pwn BikeRadar on Twitter last Friday? Here are my replies to their poorly-conceived attempt to “debate” global warming, instead of covering, say, bike racing. Realizing defeat, the cowards deleted their mealy-mouthed miasma of an argument in an attempt to preserve what little pride and journalistic integrity their battered organization has left. Where are the Jeff Jones of yesteryear?

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